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10% to 40% Discount

Get My Health Record discounts up to 40% at over 3397 + hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostic centers outlets all over the country.

Doctor Appointment

you can easily appointment our specialized doctor and you can get anytime any servises

Medicine Reminder

our premium users will get benefits in our medicine reminder services

Personal Health Record

Managing my health records by individuals to take charge of their own health in a shareable and interoperable platform



Web Application

Our web page resourced with health related blogs and plenty other health information’s,that are updated every while for our website visitors.Those who are not convenient with the mobile app or not have access to it can use our webpage to get the maximum benefits of MY HEALTH RECORD.Card holders can login to the MY HEALTH RECORD website and get access to store medical records, get regular updates and reminder from Doctors, maintain day to day BP,Blood Sugar checking record etc.

Mobile Application

Our exciting mobile app is free to download from play store, and designed for the maximum convenience for our clients. It’s quite user friendly, won’t take too long to explore all the way through.It featured to work faster and get quick access to all the ‘MY HEALTH RECORD’ options.


Preserve Your Medical Updates

We've developed a special platform for the patients where they can have a Extensive preservation of their health updates like prescriptions,reports including all the medical records.

Share Medical Updates on Emergency

In case of any emergency situation we'll send patients' previous health records to their desired destiniton.

Health Record Assistance for Diabetic and Hypertension patients:

It is one of the finest features of the app that,it allows patients with severe Hypertension and Diabetes to preserve their frequently changing health updates. As a result,they can have a clear observation on their health condition.


Get reminder for your medicine and doctor’s appointment by setting up in the app.


24/7 Medical Recommendation
We readily provide instant suggestions to help you out with any health issues at any time. It downgrades health hazards and ensure immediate relief.

Discount at enlisted Labs, Hospitals and Pharmacy
After receiving all the required services accordingly from mentioned labs and hospitals including some enlisted pharmacies when itcomes to payment, with our support you'll be provided excellent discount and benefited financially.

Health Record Assistance for Diabetic and Hypertension patients
It is one of the finest features of the app that,it allows patients with severe Hypertension and Diabetes to preserve their frequently changing health updates. As a result,they can have a clear observation on their health condition.

Use Of the Unique Number
All My Health Record members are going registered through an unique identification number.This number will play an integral part, while our members going to experience some of My Health Record services. If the card got damaged or lost, By mentioning the number we can replace it with same identification number.


Special Health Record Facility for New Born

When a baby's born, it's important to keep all the information assembled.We assist you on assembling the data from the first day of its birth.

Free Medical Campaign

To ensure good health we'll arrange campaigns for checking some major changes in the body like Blood pressure,BM, height and weight etc.You can have the opportunity to check these too for free.

Free Wheel Chair arrangement

For intensely injured,physically unable and specially aged patients we'll provide wheel chairs for their convenient movement.

Family Tree Service

To be informed about any inherited chronic disease which is some times contagious as well, we'll enable you to know in advance and take required initiatives not to be affected; by logging in to the account of older or late family members.


My Global App is blessing your organization with the ample scope to maintain a healthy workforce which is the prerequisite of financial improvement and success. Each and every single worker is going to be benefitted by one of our finest innovations, My Health Record App.This uniquely designed app is specialized in preserving the health records of all time of the company's individuals. Using the in-built system all can be assisted via being facilitated to upload their health information, prescriptions,daily or weekly and monthly diagnostic reports, regular observation of blood pressure and level of diabetes and many more. Besides they'll be provided emergency health suggestions from our enlisted doctors,medical recommendation on feet and discounts on expenses at Hospitals,diagnostic centers and pharmacies enlisted.They can observe and therefore take care of themselves by taking suitable measures in an accurate and healthy mannerusing My Health Record App.

In addition to the facilities for the employees the top management will be given the authority to maintain a Master Login system where they can surveil and supervise the health condition of the employees intensively by themselves. In order to fulfill the responsibility to treat them with healthy support the superior management can rely on My Health Record to checkand find out their physical state which allows the uplines to arrange immediate actions to reduce employees' health risks. Top Management can also customize the app according to their choice and requirements. On certain conditions they can rename the app and operate it as per their financial and organizational convenience.The Master Login system also facilitates the top management with the opportunity to explore every employee's individual My Health Record account to look into their health updates and support them to ensure better working environment which brings ultimate economical assurance for the industry.


Educational institutions of different levels and concentrations are expected to have wider avenues for further health improvement of the students. students can have all the previous and intact health information assembled and uploaded using my health record which will later on help them to go through proper treatment in order to get rid of any chronic,contagious and fatal disease they might have.from their previously saved information they can easily be informed about any viral attack that might hinder their future.consequently they can decide to look for the vaccination properly.

if they lack knowledge about viral attack and vaccination, they can contact our enlisted doctors, medical teams to know immensely about it.using the master login facility principals, head teachers and teachers as the top management can have access to the students'account on my health record in order to figure out whether any student is affected by any type of disease which should be treated immediately. also they can get the chance to maintain their students' good health by suggesting and guiding them to take up a ppropriate physical exercise and ther apy by supervising their health condition initially from the updates uploaded and preserved by the students.

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